Friday, December 21, 2012

WBAI is moving

The word's out  that WBAI is in the process of relocating from 120 Wall Street to Harlem. The new digs will have a well equipped broadcast studio that is solely for the use of WBAI. Meanwhile management and key staff personnel will be temporarily moving to the World Financial Center downtown for the next six months, while the search for permanent space continues.
WBAI never fully recovered from the devastating  impact of Hurricane Sandy, but  has learned some lessons  in the process, which has made it easier to find workable solutions. Logistic problems which may have seemed insurmountable at one time are now being dealt with in creative ways.    The plan is to have a flexible arrangement in the future, where hosts will be able to broadcast and hook into the station from various offsite locations.

Check back for more details of  WBAI's move as they become available.

January 2 update
It was announced that WBAI will be moving to the studios of WHCR at City College, which is located at 160 Convent Avenue, New York, NY 10031. They have two main studios and one performance room. One studio will be dedicated for WBAI.

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