Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to Shut Down the Blue Board

Here's a post that got removed from the Blue Board today. Whether the poster also got banned remains to be seen. I'm posting it here because I believe  it shows the current mindset about the moderation that goes on there. Most are afraid to criticize der Führer's modus operandi out of fear of being banned themselves. But might there be safety in numbers? What would happen say,  if all the posters there spoke out at the same time? They could shut down the Blue Board! Well... almost. No doubt there would still be one person busily posting away, and that would be the brown nosed Chris "Tartuffe" Albertson, who always makes a point to post a hypocritical "thank you" whenever the moderator criticizes something said or lays down the law.

Note that the post being replied to was referring to a particularly nasty ad hominem attack by Chris Albertson, which out of respect to the target we will not repeat, but which was allowed to remain on the board for 2 days and 52 viewings, until this particular poster caused the entire thread to be disappeared.

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