Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Old Man Who Lived in the Archives

There was an old man who lived on the Bleepin' Blue Board.
He had so much time on his hands,  he didn't know what to do
-- bored.
So he constantly posted about the glorious past;
When he was in charge; before things went down fast.
And he mocked his opponents for whatever they said
And whipped them all soundly and put them to bed.

What a silly goose I am!
WBAI has been airing presentations from the Pacifica Archives recently. They are wonderful. It's great to hear radio from the past. But this guy Chris Albertson who is from the archives himself, has shown himself unable to appreciate the present.
What he appears not to understand is that it's a different century now. Pacifica can't go back to what it used to be back in his day, it went forward to reflect the times. If Albertson doesn't like that it's because he's too stuck in the past (and too stuck on himself).
So those who have not yet been "put to bed", so to speak, must "put up" with his daily releases and continue to counter them with common sense.
Note: WBAI continues airing Pacifica archive material throughout today (Nov. 14). Tomorrow there will  be a special fund drive with all 5 sister stations participating, to help WBAI recover from Hurricane Sandy. WBAI was forced to cut short its Fall Fund Drive and vacate its studios because of damage done to the building by Sandy. They are still not back in their own studios.   

Listen in the New York area at WBAI 99.5 FM or listen on the web at

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