Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thom Hartmann Show moves to 5pm slot on WBAI

We're listening to the show right now and hearing a vigorous defense of the Obama administration by Hillary Clinton ally David Brock, who co-authored an e-book called “The Benghazi Hoax.”

It's an irony that Obamacare supporter Thom Hartmann is now on WBAI at 5pm, which is  Five O'clock Shadow time, where host Robert Knight was one of Obama's most incisive critics. Speaking of which, former WBAI producer Utrice Leid, another Obama critic, has been doing a series of brilliant shows on the subject of Obamacare at the Progressive Radio Network (PRN). We urge you to check out the archives for Leid Stories over there.

But we're wondering if Thom Hartmann will grow a new fan base on WBAI, because it seems doubtful  that fans who are already listening to The Thom Hartmann Show on WWRL from 3-6pm will switch over to listen on WBAI at 5pm.

Has PRN become the new BAI -- the place to go for a true alternative analysis? We've actually been noting for a long time that PRN and WBAI have similar lineups. SInce PRN is doing well while WBAI has been languishing, our conclusion has been that it's the format, not the content that's the issue. There's still a strong need and a wide audience for this kind of programming.

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