Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Laughing Last: Gary Null Crows while WBAI Struggles

Gary Null was talking with his web master Jason yesterday:

The Gary Null show has had 51 million downloads since July 2010. Our phone service has broken 3.5 million and is now number one in North America, South America  and Mexico, and number two in the world behind a station in Africa.

Twitter your questions to @drgarynull and Gary will be happy to answer them.

We're gonna do that every day now, and we're actually going to start putting up skype so people can skype us and we can see them and anyone watching s here (on ustream) can actually watch them on skype. 

The phone service is helping a lot of people, so  24/7 you can dial the number and hear the show downloaded from the archive if its not live.

And I understand that the average age of the thousands of new people that we get every day, 7 days a week who are coming on to listen, is 37-55. And they are college educated
So we have  a lot of new people coming on every day and we thank them!

Think about it: Did Gary Null steal Pacifica from Pacifica?

Does he owe them a debt? What could he do to help WBAI?


  1. I learned back in 9/2001 that one should certaily be skeptical about any statistics "quoted" by Mr. Null to substantiate his popularity in general or with particular audiences. I attended a Null film screening the night before the Twin Towers fell and subsequently heard Null say on the air that the audience at this event was "92%" African American and/or Latino. (Note the scientific sounding 92%, rather that a merely approximate 90%.) This "92%" was total nonsense - a number pulled out of the air to buttress his claim that he had a large following in these communities. My wife and I were there and can say - if there was any way to calculate without actually surveying those present (which nobody did) - that it may have been 25% African American and/or Latino, but not more. Let the bbuyer beware.

    1. I think Gary is fairly well-known for rhetorical flourishes when it comes to throwing numbers around, but the essence of what he says is true. I'm surprised at the low number you mention of 25% because most of Gary's meetings that I've attended had more than 50% attendance by African Americans. His health workshops in particular draw many African Americans. So when Gary speaks, better to focus on the big picture rather than the details.

  2. The film shown was one he made on AIDS. Neither he nor his team did any kind of survey. His words on the radio a few days later was pure Garyspeak. I Iistened to Null for about 20 years and defended his presence on BAI often on the Listener Forum, but I couldn't take his ego anymore.

  3. Agreed about his ego (which seems to go with the territory) but I still listen because of all the value I still get from his shows.