Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pacifica's RFP for WBAI

The Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Public Service Operating Agreement (PSOA) / Leased Management Agreement (LMA) for the legendary New York radio station, WBAI, is now on the website of the Pacifica Foundation:

Pacifica Foundation
192S Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94704-1037 - wwwpacifica,org - tel: (510) 849-2590 - fax. (510) 849-2617

                                             Request for Proposals (RFP)Pacifica Foundation Radio ("Pacifica") is seeking proposals from qualified organizations interested in entering into a Public Service Operating Agreement ("PSOA," also known as a Local Marketing Agreement or "LMA") for programming and supporting the operations of noncommercial FM station WBAI, 99.5 MHz, New York. To help interested parties develop proposals that would be compatible with Pacifica's mission and with FCC requirements, Pacifica asks that any proposal contain the elements outlined below. All proposals must be submitted in writing. Pacifica retains discretion to reject all proposals or to enter into discussions with more than one proponent. No proposal shall be accepted until reduced to a contract approved by the Pacifica National Board.

        FCC Requirements. Any proposal must comply with FCC requirements for noncommercial broadcast stations. The FCC requires that as licensee of WBAI, Pacifica retain ultimate control over WBAI's programming, personnel and finances. This means that:

                  •         Pacifica must retain ultimate control over WBAI's program policies and be able to preempt or reject programming in order to prevent a violation of FCC rules or to address an issue of local or national interest.

                  •         Pacifica must continue to employ two WBAI employees, one of whom has managerial responsibilities and who reports solely to Pacifica.

                  •         Pacifica must be regularly advised of revenues and expenses related to WBAI and must be able to assure that revenues derived from on-air solicitations and listener contributions are devoted exclusively to the benefit of the station.

                  •         WBAI must have a main studio -- a physical location, accessible to the public, that is staffed, in part, by Pacifica employees, and that is capable of continuously originating programming and housing the WBAI public inspection file.

         Finances. Any proposal must provide reimbursement to Pacifica for ongoing operating costs Pacifica incurs as licensee of WBAI. These costs include salaries for two WBAI employees, rent for antenna and transmitter space on the Empire State Building, and costs incurred in maintaining a main studio.

         CPB Eligibility: Any proposal should seek to preserve Pacifica's eligibility to receive grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for the operation of WBAI.

         Pacifica Mission. Any proposal must preserve WBAI's status as a noncommercial station and advance Pacifica's mission, All applicants must be bona fide nonprofit organizations in good standing. WBAI should continue to broadcast noncommercial programming that will serve programming interests otherwise unserved in the greater New York City area and to advance the mission set forth in Pacifica's Articles of Incorporation; for example, enabling WBAI to "contribute to the democratic process through public discourse and the promotion of culture."

         Pacifica Programming. Pacifica will favor proposals that allow Pacifica to reserve some of the air time on WBAI for programming produced or selected by Pacifica. The days and times of the retained program blocks are negotiable.

         Term. Pacifica will favor proposals that are for a term that is less than a full license period (8 years) for WBAI.

         Deadline. November 6, 2013

         Questions. All questions about this RFP should be submitted in writing.

         Submission Procedure: Proposals must be submitted in word or PDF format no later than 5:00 p.m. PST, November 6, 2013. Proposals should be submitted to Ms. Summer Reese, Interim Executive Director and Chair of the Board, at Proposals may also be mailed to Pacifica Foundation Radio, Attn: Ms. Summer Reese, 1925 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94704. Mailed proposals must be received by the same deadline as those that are emailed.


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