Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Creepy Chris Crawls Again

Chris Albertson has done it again. During the weekend of the Pacifica National Board Meeting in Houston, the creepster released the following item on his blog:

It has come to my attention that the Federal Communications Commission is in receipt of a formal complaint against WBAI's fundraising tactics, which the complainant (who has requested anonymity) sees as a serious infringement of the rules governing a non-profit broadcaster's solicitation of support. More specifically, as I understand it, the complaint centers around the infomercial-like segments that are out and out sales pitches for merchandise.  

Of course the author asks to remain anonymous (though Chris  knows who it is).

He goes on to say:

I find it difficult to imagine a valid excuse for not looking into such a serious infringement, especially one that is as clear and documented as this one.

Really?  Show us the paperwork, please!

A couple of posters on the Blue Board got it right:
It's so obvious that the "report"about the complaint to the FCC on Chris' website is in his own arrogant style, replete with the lip-smacking satisfaction he beings to his endless pontifications that "prove" the righteousness of his long standing grudges. You can just see him wringing his hands in glee, announcing to enemies long dead and gone: "I told you so!" and "Take that!!!" Pity so much Blue Board space has been highjacked by his (and other's) demoralization campaigns against WBAI. Better to follow the lead of those who, like Jim and Frank, are actually DOING something to save our precious station.

 > I guess you were the one filed the complaint- the one that smelt
> it dealt it! Fuck you, Chris!
> >

As is his wont, Chris paints all anonymous opponents as snakes slithering out from under rocks:
"I said there was more than one of those slithering about in
this forum. They should be very worried now—people like
that won't easily find another station that will accept them."

Buf isn't the anonymous FCC complainant by that definition also a snake? Apparently not when they agree with Chris.

Actually, when it comes to snakes and poisonous toads and cooking up lies, Chris Albertson is a master chef.

Stirring the Pot
bubble, bubble
 stirring up trouble

And with the help of his usual minions, this article on his blog has turned into a HATENULL FEST.  And that is not surprising, considering the fact that Gary Null just did a yeoman's job of pulling the station out of a failing fundraiser, possibly rescuing it from being forced into an LMA.

See how it all fits? Anyone who loves WBAI, anyone who does anything to try to keep it going, has been publicly villainized by Chris Albertson, while at the same time he has not once lifted a finger to help WBAI in any way, and instead continues to wage war against the station and those who care about it.

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