Monday, February 24, 2014

Alternatives to Leasing WBAI

From Jim Dingeman:
LSB continuation meeting to discuss alternatives to LMA

The next LSB meeting will discuss alternatives to  leasing out the station to fend off the consequences of WBAI and Pacifica debt.  I encourage those, who have plans or thought out ideas to increase revenue on a consistent ongoing basis, to come to this meeting.

Location: 111 Livingston Ave. 7th fl. Brooklyn. 
Date: Thursday Feb. 27th
Time: 7 pm.

From R. Paul Martin:
Here's the motion that the committee passed this past Wednesday.

The WBAI LSB Finance Committee recommends the following motion to the

 Motion on Developing LSB Plan for Alternatives to LMA
 Whereas, on February 9, 2014, the Pacifica National Board adopted a
 motion postponing for 60 days any negotiations on a Local Marketing
 Agreement or Public Service Operating Agreement (LMA/PSOA) for WBAI,
 during which the WBAI Local Station Board (LSB) is to come up with a
 written plan for alternatives to an LMA/PSOA;


 1. The WBAI LSB will immediately form a Sustainability Working Group of
 at least 4 LSB volunteers, two local Finance Committee members, two
 active Community Advisory Board meeting participants and Management to
 organize broad outreach to WBAI listeners, Paid and Unpaid Staff, to
 evaluate existing proposals, including Community Advisory Board
 proposals, and develop additional proposals for station sustainability
 as an alternative to a Local Marketing Agreement or Public Service
 Operating Agreement.

 2. The working group will hold its first meeting within eight days in
 person if possible, or by teleconference if necessary, with provisions
 made so that members of the public can also call in and participate. All
 of the Working Group's meetings shall be open to the public with at
 least 7 days notice on the WBAI Web site, the LSB-Public LISTSERV, and
 as many other venues as possible.

 3. The Working group will report back on its work at all LSB meetings
 held through the LSB's April meeting.


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