Thursday, February 13, 2014

WBAI Interim Program Director Robert Hennelly has been fired

Here's the confirmation:

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  1. 'Haskins and Hennelly' was to this listener and longtime WBAI supporter the best indicator yet that WBAI was capable of setting itself on a path of viability. It was real local reporting and analysis with one of the best local news reporters in the Greater New York / New Jersey area. I was a fan of Bob Hennelly's when he was a premier local reporter for WNYC, so his joining WBAI seemed to me an act of self sacrifice and a validation of the importance of WBAI. / It is true, as he says, that the programming IS the premium! The switch back to premium-based programming (accompanied by a giant flushing sound) is SO DEPRESSING! Ann W. Arlen, Environmental Policy Analyst