Friday, October 18, 2013

Andrew's letter to Pacifica ED Summer Reese

What's wrong with  this letter? Andrew Phillips is fighting the wrong fight. This is the battle to save WBAI - all hands on deck -- not a battle of dueling egos. 

All the shows in Andrew's proposed lineup below would have been great. Why can't they exist  as well? It seems to me that in this power struggle the real loser is WBAI. And WBAI can't afford to lose right now.

From: Andrew Phillips
To: Summer Reese ; ; ; Mitchel Cohen
Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2013 4:40 PM
Subject: How will wbai change?

Once again the iED "blindsides" me. Where is the dignity? Gary Null and Christine Blosdale ride into WBAI morning drive on the "Ride of the Vallkyries" with "The Progressive Radio Hour", Nulls bombastic mish-mash of warmed over Pacifica fare.

Where is the dignity? So this is what WBAI became?

Here is a lineup of what was replaced:
  • We had on NJ Democratic Senate candidate Newark Mayor Cory Booker and his opponent
    former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan.
  • We had on Councilwoman Letitia James, who as the likely public advocate, will become the
    first African-American woman elected to Citywide office.
  • We had on Ken Thompson, the Democratic nominee from the Brooklyn DA, who was also
    the first candidate to beat a sitting DA since 1911.
  • Andy Stern, former president of the 2.2 million member SEIU union, who was widely recog-
    nized for successfully for his union to embrace the undocumented immigrant workforce.
  • Interview with Rev. Jesse Jackson on the government shutdown.
  • Tyron Covington, President of Local 3148 Federal Correction officers forced to work with pay
  • Arthur Cheliotes, CWA 1086.
  • Bettina Damiani, Good Jobs NY and the Fiscal Policy Institute on the lack of community trans-
    parency on how NYC is spending $1.7 billion in Federal Sandy aid.
  • Charles Hall, President of Local RWDSU, who is leading fight to pass the NJ minimum wage
    ballot question to tie the minimum wage to the Consumer Price Index.
  • Zack Fink, NY 1 political reporter.
  • Laurie Combo, winner of the primary to succeed Brooklyn Council woman Tish James.
  • And Khalia Kweli, a 31 year old DC 37 organizer.

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