Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pacifica Exe Director position is in confusion still putting KPFK at risk

KPFK's part in some of this too with excerpts of this reporting also at The question of did Bernard Duncan leave KPFK as gen'l mgr early to be placed as a contender to Pacifica's ED or as interim to move up his ladder ? Did the KPFA gen'l mgr who took over Duncan's early exit and maybe aid his disloyalty to KPFK [was he planning to abandon KPFK as early as he did ? ] was KPFA guy in on the plans to place Duncan on the next throne ? What collusions occurred that Los Angeles member subscribers payers did NOT know ? What confusion and secrecy and how has it been closely held by a few for so long ? or was it spontaneous combustion ?
Pacifica is in broken shape, in at least two separate pieces: The Executive Dire...ctorship is allocated to 2 people by at least 2 groups. One is Summer Reese, [ a long time PNB chair and member, and she was contractually hired after many months working as interim ED ] and the other is Bernard Duncan,…

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