Thursday, April 10, 2014

Summer Reese is the Pacifica Foundation’s Abe Lincoln

Article from LA public interest lawyer Eric Jacobson ‪#‎pacifica‬ ‪#‎kpfk‬
Is the Pacifica Foundation Board Trying to Dissolve the Foundation’s Five Station Union, Place Each Station’s Broadcast License under Local Ownership, Sell WBAI into the Commercial Marketplace and Distribute the Proceeds as "Endowments" to the Remaining 4 Stations?

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  1. The "majority" that ousted Reese is not lawful. One member of that ruling faction clings to a seat on the board, despite the Pacifica bylaws (art. 5, § 1, ¶ B) under which he has resigned because he simultaneously serves as a commissioner on Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1B of the District of Columbia.

    Another de facto director, also a member of that faction, has drug convictions. Under the Anti-Drug Abuse (part of the "war on drugs," like it or not), he clings to a seat on the board, jeopardizing the issuance of all licenses and permits from the FCC to Pacifica, which could not continue broadcasting any full-scale radio without him. And that de facto director has a fiduciary duty to be loyal to Pacifica! (How can he be loyal when his very presence on the board jeopardizes Pacifica's nonprofit mission?)

    (How can a lawful vote be cast by a director of a corporation who, under its own bylaws, has resigned? Or by a director who defrauds the corporation to which he has a legal duty to be loyal, even jeopardizing its nonprofit mission by his continued presence on the board?)