Saturday, January 5, 2013

WBAI LSB Election Results

Manijeh Saba
Luis Barrios
Frank LeFever
Cerene Roberts
Ken Laufer
William Heerwagen
Jeremy Taylor
Sharonne Salaam
Patricia Logan
RUNNERS UP – in order
Robert Young
Russell Dale
Murray Gordon
Ebon Charles
Cookie Palmer
Eugene Hamond
Thomas Barton
Mario Mastrandrea
Diana Crowder
Shahid Comrade
Carlos Canales
 WBAI Staff election
Janet Coleman
Reggie Johnson
John Riley
 RUNNERS UP – in order
Jeannie Hopper
Camille Raneem
Vajra Kilgour

Due to resignations there have been some changes: Runners up Robert Young and Russel Dale have been aded to the board. Congratulations to Robert Young,  the new LSB Chair.

A special shoutout goes to Frank LeFever, who has worked so hard as a listener to promote WBAI.

We're glad to finally have Frank on board!

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