Saturday, January 12, 2013

Black Attack

Chris van Winkle, the gentlman who after sleeping for half a century, woke up full of piss and vinegar to start attacking WBAI for not living up to his delusional fantasies, is at it again.  Every day it's something new -- a new angle on the same old song. So what is it this time? He's urging people to add comments to his blog so "all of us can get a focused picture" on WBAI. Focused on what? The latest has racist undertones. It's very black indeed.

Comments have so far been limited to the usual suspects: blog insider TPM (The Pacifica Maven) who refers to WBAI as: "Where Black is all they is", and station insider, stooge and the blog's house negro Uncle Happy (Sidney Smith) who says: "Hell I'm colored and it drove me crazy."

The assault never stops 
The oldster never seems to run out of energy.  For someone who slept for all those years, he never seems to sleep now. Guess he's making up for lost time. Does he never take a vacation?

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