Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Changing Times

Times sure have changed on the Blue Board recently. Not too long ago so-called "scatalogical" posts were cause for public censure and banning. Remember how She was called out publicly for daring to use the phrase "takes his daily dump" to describe the way wacky Chris Albertson dumps on WBAI on a daily basis? Remember how She was publicly named and shamed by Moderator R. Paul Martin in an attempt to humilate her before banning her? BTW She was never contacted privately by Martin, who cannot use the excuse that he didn't know her email address, which is publicly available on the NewPacifica list.  She never received the promised warning prior to being dismissed from the list .

But as we can see, the times they are a'changin'. Nowadays there is more attention being paid to form than to content.  After a particularly nasty bout of anti-WBAI postings, we were sort of waiting for a comment from the Moderator, if not for some posts to be disappeared. Instead we have the following: 

So Moderator Martin was fiddle-faddling over netiquette, while not even bothering to address the scatological post by Albertson protégé The Pacifica Maven, that refers to WBAI management as "fecal matter":

Wow! This went completely unchallenged by the Moderator. Perhaps the tempest in a teapot over the "dump" posts had been just that, and merely a ruse to remove She from the message board.  The fact that the above post remains posted is the proof of the pudding, we think.

And guess how the post in question was received by the hypocritical Mr. Albertson, who continually castigates anonymous posters as "cowards"?

Not a word against his Maven. An emboldened TPM then goes on to start a thread that mocks Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and in the process, the radio station that often celebrates Dr. King:

Nuff said, no need to go into snarky details on this one.

Not one to rest on laurels for long, TPM then offers this clumsy doggerel:

Oh and this just in tonite... a bit more scatalogical "fun" from none other than Blue Board regular and Martin saddle pal, "Uncle Happy":

Come on girl, don't get your panties in a twist over all this doo doo about nothing. It's all in good fun. The boys will be boys, you know.  Just so long as the ladies remain ladies.

And besides, what's really important right now is that everyone should be working on improving their anti-BAI posts, striving make them more attractive-looking and readable.

One small addendum: we must admit that Moderator Martin has made the Blue Board less patently sexist than it was. And how did he do it? By eliminating a strong (female) voice of opposition to all that anti-BAI stuff that passes for thought there, which used to inspire those poor, hapless posters to make all their sexist comments. Disappear the woman and voilà -- the sexism disappears -- in in one masterful stroke. 

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