Wednesday, January 16, 2013

End of the line, but for who?

Once again we're treated to the loonatic apocalyptic ravings of our favorite Blue Boarder (Chris Albertson)

For decades, WBAI has been a last refuge for incompetent but slick opportunists, who never heard an intelligent sentence that didn't discourage them. They are proud of their
ignorance, for that is all they can identify with. Now the inevitable day of
reckoning is so close that even they can feel it—a long tradition of faux
intellect, of self-delusion, of putting up with the few who really cared (and
knew the truth) is coming to an end.

If the station is saved, they themselves become sordid history.

A fitting reply comes from one of the wiser posters there:
Maybe for you.

Ha! This loon went to sleep for 50 years and woke up to find out that he really hates WBAI. We used to think he was a tool of the JUC, but upon further reflection, we don't think they would have him.

Altogether now boys and girls, whistle down the wind!

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