Thursday, October 18, 2012

Off with the Thread!

Today we were greeted with this lovely message from Blue Board moderator/administrator R. Paul Martinet:

That's right, an entire thread had been disappeared overnight. Not moved from the Issues to the Peoples Board, but totally disappeared, apparently for having offended the sensibilities of the mod. Odd, considering how impossible it was to get rid of a single, small, slanderous post by fair-haired good old boy Chris Albertson.  That's the weird value system at work on the Blue Board these days. But nobody dares complain, because it could mean off with their heads!

Yep, the moderator of this WBAI-related message board is always lurking there now like a big fat spider, waiting to gobble up the next hapless fly that comes by. Why? Because he apparently gets his jollies from maintaining an iron grip on what gets said there.

Once again I question his judgment. I recall that the thread raised objections to Pacifica's relentlessly one-sided support of Palestine that ignores Israel's side.  I think it's an idea that deserves more examination by the Pacifica community, and should be a topic on a WBAI message board, as it's something one is likely to hear about on WBAI's air. But Martin had already proclaimed it inappropriate to discuss the issue, because he thinks it is not a WBAI issue.  The idea that Israeli complaints might have any legitimacy has already been dismissed as "insane" etc. by chief opinion-maker in residence Chris Albertson, who is also Martin's idol and mentor.  Yes, he was unfortunately brainwashed by Albertson early in the game, which has led him to ignore even the most outrageous of Albertson's posts, while banning people such as myself and others who too vociferously objected to them.


  1. I've concluded that RPaul Martian is the off-spring of Albie the Chris. I attempted to find definitive DNA evidence & since they both spit on the free speech of others - I'd say that's proof positive!

    The Pacifica Raven

  2. LOL, this is too funny! Pacifica Raven, if you would like to be a guest writer here, just let me know.