Friday, October 19, 2012

Vote for Frank LeFever for LSB

Chris Albertson once again shows his true colors with this nasty post about Frank LeFever. Frank has been a shining example of listener support for years. I can't think of any listener volunteer who has worked harder or done more for WBAI than Frank has. Yet see how Albertson tries to defame him! If you still don't get it, shame on you.

If you are a WBAI member, be sure to vote for Frank in the upcoming WBAI Local Station Board elections.

Frank LeFever

1 comment:

  1. Chris "Albie" Albertson is unable to support Frank LeFever's candidacy, because LeFever isn't a member of the cointelpro community.

    Frank LeFever is determined to see WBAI pull through this difficult time - and he's invested his time and abilities into his quest.

    That's anti-American in Albie's glaring eyes.
    He sees LeFever as some kind of Commie, out to destroy corporate crapitalism.

    The Pacifica Raven