Thursday, November 21, 2013

Summer Reese's letter to WBAI producer Fran Luck

Lest we forget, here's what Summer said:

Dear Fran and WBAI Community,

I will be doing everything I can to keep the station going and to allow all of the positive outpouring of support to manifest beneficially for the survival and future of the station.

Hopefully, my goal is to come to New York immediately following the PNB meeting in Houston, work with Berthold on a smooth transition of operations  and appoint interim management. This will give me the opportunity to meet with the stakeholders in WBAI and work with the new transitional staff.

At the PNB meeting in Texas, I will be recommending to the Board that it consider and discuss any proposals offered, but not take a final vote on any offer at that meeting.

 A deliberative process of this magnitude should not be entered into without careful consideration of all possible outcomes. We will be receiving offers
until right before the meeting.

I believe the Board can winnow the field of offers to those it wishes to
consider further, refine its points of inquiry and clearly indicate the most favored elements and outcomes.

After all of the above, further negotiation, legal consultation, vetting of the third-party entities, additional Board discussion and voting would need to occur.

This process will take some length of time to execute properly, even with me working diligently with our legal counsel, FCC and any potential interested parties.

During this time, I believe every effort should be made to save the
station, including raising money to build proper studios at our present location, debt forgiveness, major donor engagement, and bringing in any number of friends, supporters, colleagues, community leaders, etc. to cause a rebirth at the station. I am open to all positive ideas, efforts and

There is no desire to enter into an LMA or PSOA, it is simply being considered as an option to preserve the station and not lose the license, if it can not be sustained by its audience and community.

If those dynamics and statistics can be changed, the entire discussion will
change. I will continue to do everything I can to keep the station on the air and address the difficult circumstances with which we are confronted as effectively as possible. Thank you for writing to me.

Summer Reese

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