Monday, October 28, 2013

The Nation Comes to WBAI

Wow, now we're hearing The Nation on WBAI. Thom Hartmann is interviewing someone fromn The Nation right now, and this after making a pitch for his own pet foundation. Isn't WBAI still in its fund drive? We thought Thom was supposed to be pitching for WBAI during his show.

All this during Five O'Clock Shadow time. Who'd a thunk? This is all Andrew Phillips' doing. He also offered Karen Hunter WBAI's Morning Show. She was once the host of WWRL's  Morning Show but was replaced by the far better Mark Riley (whom she would have been going up against if that deal had gone through).  So we're not too impressed with what Andrew Phillips was doing with the program lineup. He has left his official capacity as Program Director, but has said that he'll continue to work for WBAI behind the scenes.

Many people respect and admire Andrew, and people seem to be desperate for change and reassurance that WBAI is moving forward, but we're offering a caution here: let's make sure we're heading in the right direction before we jump.

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