Sunday, October 20, 2013

Frank Lefever's reply to Berthold Reimers

[Posted WBAI-LSB-PUBLIC and a few other places (with CC to Berthold)]

In the context of announced reversion to some of the older program grid, I think it is important to bear in mind that recent and proposed changes by Andrew were aimed at bridging a gap between prior programming and long-term growth programming -- a project interrupted by emergency fund-drive needs which people are trying to meet with some really abnormal segments.  I strongly believe that we should  think in terms of what Andrew proposed; not in all details, but in general thrust.

Like many others, I want to see those evening "special" programs (Asia/Pacific, Muslim, Women's issues, Disabilities) continued as part of our schedule, but I think we need to recognize that so far they have not been adequately promoted to the general public and apparently have no more than a "token" listenership.  We also need to consider whether the formats Andrew was considering might be a better way to present them.

I recognize that in the departure of the only real Program Director we've had in a decade that the GM has to make program decisions, with or without the necessary qualifications to do so, but this needs to be done cautiously and with a lot of informal consultation (lacking any implementation of any formal Program Advising structure for so many years).

-- Frank

Frank LeFever is on the WBAI Local Station Board


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