Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gary Null speaks about Pacifica, gives kudos to Berthold Reimers

Gary Null spoke about Pacifica today:

One personal statement, and this is only my own personal statement. I believe that it's time for Pacifica to really change itself, on every level. I believe that we have been suffering from massive hubris, and as a result our average audience is about 67 years of age. We have forgotten two entire generations and we have been programming -- though essential programming -- such narrowly defined programming that it excludes the vast majority of people.

And it's very leaned towards a political left perspective. It should be leaned towards a truth perspective, that empowers people, so you don't exclude those that have a different political or religious philosophy. And we do. And we actually pride ourselves on it, at least many of the programs do. We'd rather elect (sic) a program director  who has no background in radio or communications or dealing with a larger audience, but who is politically aligned ideologically. The same with station managers, and the same with many hosts and producers. This has been part of the internal struggle in this network for decades. And it cetainly accelerated during the last 10 years, into its death spiral.

But I think it can be turned around, I'm still optimistic. That's why I still stay here. But also, in the future, if you turn on at noon and you do not hear me, there's two simple solutions: one is to call the phone number: 619-550-0869. Hundreds of thousands of people listen over the telephone, and that way you'll hear me broadcasting live from our studios at Progressive Radio Network. Or you can just go to the Internet and you can get on that way. This way no matter what mistake has been made you're not a part of it.

Berthold Reimers

That said, Thank you, Berthold Reimers, thank you, Summer Reese. Berthold is doing a magnificent job. He's overworked, underpaid and underappreciated, in fact not appreciated at all, except for those of us who say thank you for getting out 3,500 premiums.  We're up-to-date including the water filters. As of today every single premium - unless I missed something - has been honored because he made that a priority. You paid for it, you deserve it and now you're getting your premiums. That's the first time in years. Thank you Berthold, for doing a good job and honoring the audience first.

Gary Null

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