Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Statement to Summer Reese from WBAI LSB Member John Brinkley

To my LSB colleagues:  I urge you to join me in making the following statement to Summer Reese, Pacifica Executive Director, and to the Pacifica National Board.

To Summer Reese, Executive Director of Pacifica:

We strongly protest your blatant violation of the Pacifica bylaws in firing WBAI General Manager Berthold Reimers "Mr. Reimers has confirmed for Local Station Board member John Riley what has become an open secret - that he (Mr. Reimers) was explicitly fired by you, effective November 15."

Article 7, Section 3D of the Pacifica Bylaws clearly lays out the only process allowed for terminating a station’s general manager:
“Both the Executive Director and/or an LSB may initiate the process to fire a station General Manager. However, to effectuate it, both the Executive Director and the LSB must agree to fire said General Manager. If the Executive Director and the LSB cannot agree, the decision to terminate or retain said General Manager shall be made by the Board of Directors.” 

The LSB has never received any notice from you requesting Mr. Reimers’ termination or inquiring about any local board decision regarding his removal.

This statement in no way reflects on the merits of the individual who occupies the position of general manager – it is purely a statement of principle that the bylaws must be followed.

We demand that you revoke your bylaws-illegal attempt to terminate Mr. Reimers and allow the proper evaluation process by the LSB to go forward expeditiously.

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