Friday, October 5, 2012

One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest

I've noticed that Blue Board postings have thinned to a trickle recently. Suppress the free speech of Chris Albertson's opponents and look what happens. Is this the trickle down theory of posting

Not just one, but maybe two or three flew out
I've also noticed that some of the best posters there have disappeared. This occurred right around the same time that I was going - not that gently - into that good night. Were they taking a stand? Did they willingly go into that goodlight exile? Or were they also banned?

And around the same time we were also being treated to this hypocritical political speech by the new Blue Board moderator R. Paul "Nurse Ratched" Martin, given on his Saturday morning radio show on WBAI:

"Some greasy fried chicken franchise owner has this biblical crap going on about who can get married, so there's this big flap about all of that. People say: "Oh, he has free speech rights!" Of course he does. He gets to say his anti-gay crap and people get to counter with their free speech too. I mean, the remedy for free speech that you don't like is more free speech. Say something about it. Say: "Well I disagree, and this guy is a nincompoop", and all those wonderful things that we can all say about each other."       

Is that crazy enough for ya?

Then I found this notice from a bygone era:

A kinder, gentler time.

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