Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Is his 3-year hibernation over?

No sooner had I polished off The Big Lies post when I found the following exchange on the Blue Board:

Re: Is the 3-year hibernation over?
By:Frank LeFever <Send E-Mail> (
Date: Wednesday, 3 October 2012, at 4:59 pm
In Response To: Is his 3-year hibernation over? (Chris Albertson)
Apparently Chris and I received and relayed to blueboard Berthold's message at about the same time, his snidely-headed entry posted before I hit the "post" button.As usual, Chris repeats the Big Lie he has so predictably repeated at every opportunity, i.e. that Berthold is somehow hiding, under a rock, avoiding questions. Rather than thanking Berthold for today's initiative, he says "oh, does this mean you will stop beating your wife?"ALSO PREDICTABLE: Chris will say it's beneath him to attend the LSB meeting, has no wish to intrude or to call attention to himself, etc. etc. and in a dozen other ways chicken out, passing up an opportunity to confront Berthold and "his defenders" face to face.He'll say, "my views are well known".Ha ha ha. There will be those at the LSB meeting who will not even recognize his name, much less know his "well known" views. That's what he's really afraid of.Of those who might recognize them, some will do so because of his cameo appearances (n = 2) in the Bob Fass documentary, "Radio Unnameable" (screenings of which he also dared not attend).

What does it mean? Well it seems there were dueling keyboards, where two posters both hit the enter key at the same time, and posted the same announcement:

Berthold seeking questions *LINK*
By:Frank LeFever <Send E-Mail> (
Date: Wednesday, 3 October 2012, at 4:45 pm
GM BERTHOLD REIMERS SUGGESTS AGENDA ITEM FOR OCT. 10 LSB MEETING:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Re: [WBAI-LSB-PUBLIC] Next LSB meeting OCT 10
Wednesday, October 3, 2012 4:34 PM
From: Berthold Reimers
To: "Mitchel Cohen"
Cc: "", "Hatzis Chris", "Davis Kathy", "Katz Andrea"
WBAI Management report 1 hour with questions. Why? What can be more important than knowing what is going on at WBAI. Since I could not attend the last meeting, there is a lot to talk about:
1. Programming
2. Finance
3. FundDrive
3. WBAI Silent Auction 11-7-2012
4. 120 Wall Street - Plans
5. Chris Hedges at Ethical Culture 10-15-2012
6. WBAI at the Apollo Theater 10-16-2012
7. WBAI website - Increasing traffic and exposure
8. Cuts - 2 cut already made - status
9. WBAI staff impression 5 minutes or more
10. Election: List, process, etc...
11. Premium - Status, progress, etc...
12. Outreach initiative to the community and to the progressive caucus of the City council.
13. Opening up the station to the community.
14. BAI Buddy
Anyone of these items could be a conversation for the entire night. However, I would appreciate if the LSB could be prepared with concrete proposals to help WBAI. Please feel free to send me your ideas so I can incorporate in the presentation.Thanks,Berthold Reimers
General Manager
WBAI Radio 99.5 FM

Chris Albertson's announcement was of course embellished by sarcasm, which is what Frank LeFever is referring to here.  Frank is also referring to one of the Big Lies that Albertson has promulgated for several years, the one that Berthold Reimers is a do-nothing manager who hides from the listeners (look who's talking). Now this seems to be a conclusion that Albertson has arrived at all on his own, which he likes to repeat over and over, until he believes that the rest of us believe it too. Well I for one have actually listened to Management's reports to the listeners, to the LSB, and to the PNB, and I'm well aware that Mr. Reimers continually engages in constructive activities that benefit the station, often working late into the night. Time to face the facts, Albie. Why is that so hard, I wonder?

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