Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Big Lies

Almost daily for two years now, an entity purporting to be a former station manager named Chris Albertson posts hearsay, conjecture and even blatant lies on a WBAI listener's forum known as The Blue Board. I say purports because no one has actually seen the man in person since he avoids WBAI meetings and events, even the recent screening of a film about his former colleague, Bob Fass of Radio Unnameable fame, in which he himself was featured:

It kind of reminds me of The Big Lie technique used by the Republcans during the election campaign -- in which they keep repeating things like how Obama took 716 billion away from Medicare, or how Obama removed the work requirement from welfare. Neither is true but the idea seems to be that if enough people hear it enough times - especially people who are not paying particularly close attention -- eventually it becomes "true" by default.

This is why I've always thought it important to confront Albertson whenever I knew something he was saying was not true. I posted there not to keep Albertson honest - LOL - but to provide an alternative point of view. Such thinking is not so uncommon at a place like WBAI. But far from being rewarded for my efforts I actually got "fired" by the new moderator R. Paul Martin, who has demonized me as a trouble-maker, even referred to me as a troll. What's up with that? Why kill the whistle blower? Methinks there may be a conspiracy afoot. Such thinking is not so uncommon at a place like WBAI.

More to come...

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