Friday, October 5, 2012

Don't Support WBAI

That's right, while the station struggles to stay alive, we have this kind of advice being published by a supposed "friend" of WBAI. Need I state the obvious? With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Actually he is no friend. He doesn't really like WBAI very much. What he likes is the ghost of a WBAI past, something that exists only in his memories of 50 years ago. Things always look best in the golden haze of  days long gone by. The truth is, things weren't so very wonderful back then, as you can find out by reading a little history (further down in this blog). But back to the point here. For whatever reason, Albertson wants to hurt WBAI while professing a desire to help it. Don't believe it. Almost every one of his communiques is misleading or destructive in some way. And that's why I've spent so much of my precious time opposing him, pointing out the truth when I see a distortion.

The post (below) which appears on his own blog, is a recent example of the type of disruptive provocateurism employed by Mr. Albertson:

It's also an illustration of  how the current Blue Board moderator, WBAI staff member R. Paul Martin, supports this guy. It's also an indication of an apparent ulterior motive in his banning of the one who would most consistently point out Albertson's half-truths and fallacies when they occurred. Of course Albertson has called me a troll because he doesn't like that! And he refers to my banning as "cleaning house". What happened to the free speech that you so vaunted in the past, Mr. Albertson? Your hypocrisy is outstanding though not surprising.

But for R. Paul Martin to fall for that is inexcusable. I had thought he was far more intelligent than that, but what I'm seeing is either fuzzy logic, anti-womanism, or...  an ulterior motive in banning me and enabling Albertson. No matter what you want to believe regarding his motivation or intelligence, one has to admit that it's a conflict of interest for a WBAI staff member to be moderating this stuff, and making these kinds of decisions.

Martin's decision was as follows: Albertson's post (above) that contained a link to these most recent inaccuracies and rumors, was allowed to stand, while my post (below) that partially refuted them was removed shortly after it appeared:

At least one other person disliked what Albertson was doing here. Here's a comment made by Mitchel Cohen, the outgoing Chair of the WBAI Local Station Board:

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