Thursday, October 11, 2012

Has Chris Albertson finally gone too far?

This latest toxic brew cooked up by Chris Albertson which he calls "poetic", reaches a new low even for him.  But Albertson, who has been encouraged and emboldened by an all-forgiving moderator, seems to be getting more and more out of control. This time however, with this attack on WBAI GM Berthold Reimers, I think Albertson may be hoist to his own petard. See if you agree.

Although this was published on his own blog. Albertson's main vehicle for communicating with the WBAI community is through the Blue Board, where he posted this link to his blog:

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Forget about "poetic license", which seems to be what he's claiming in his disclaimer, to refer to the lynching of a black man in this context is disgustingly racist and insensitive and has no place in any Pacifica dialog.  

Yet the moderator has done nothing about this man! My feeling is that R. Paul Martin, the current moderator of the Blue Board, has a personal agenda and a conflict of interest, and should not be moderating a WBAI-related message board where he has the final go or no-go say on which side can be heard. Martin cut off my own voice on what I believe to be a technicality (my use of the word "dump" when referring to Albertson, who actually does "dump" on WBAI every day). At any rate it should not be Martin's call to silence the voice that was loudest in opposition to Albertson, while allowing Albertson to continue his comments unopposed.

At least one poster though, has expressed disgust with his latest blog:
What do you think?


  1. I just want to say that I dropped CA's blog from my account. For someone who piggybacks on the backs of black jazz musicians, he doesn't seem to like blacks very much. Every black person he mentions on his blog he does so with absolute disdain, at best. I became so uncomfortable reading his blog that I finally had to kick it to the curb. While I'm not black, his nastiness and hypocrisy really bothered me. BTW, I'm a huge jazz fan, and I think that CA's music really sucks! He won a Grammy? Who did he pay to get it? :P

  2. PM thanks for your analogy regarding CA because he has piggybacked onto my Cousin Bessie Smith painting her as a bisexual.

    However Ruby Walker never stated anything about bisexual CA admitted that he didn't use precise words used by Ruby Walker but in essence stated that was what was said.

    Neither has CA recieved any real Grammy those attributes were given to him only it says if you're involved in music, and does something in a different field of work. Laughing the work outside his music career BESSIE has anyone heard of CA?

    Never heard of Chris Albertson he was a nobody, as stated he piggybacking onto Jazz greats. But I just want him to know before he dies himself that his book Bessie will be debunked. His single witness was Ruby Walker who was Bessie's jealous rival in my opinion. Not only was she a known gold digger changing her name to Ruby Smith to cash in on the Smith entity.

    By the time Chris Albertson got a story from her she was old and starving. Yes he paid Ruby because Ruby Walker Smith was a gold digger.

    1. Thank you for your insights! This is stuff I did not know.