Monday, October 8, 2012

Buddy Can You Spare a Dime?

WBAI has a new Buddy Program which is quite ingenious, and in a way reminds one of the days of the Great Depression, which is really what WBAI and its sister Pacifica stations are in right now. At a time when they're needed more than ever their very survival is at risk, and they need some big donors, but what can the little guy do? Well for very little money one can support WBAI in a new and innovative way that can really make a difference to the station. Giving $10 a month to BAI is not  that painful when you consider how much you pay for your monthly cable. One of the problems WBAI has had to contend with is the increasing number of days spent fund-raising in order to stay financially afloat. If the new Buddy Program catches on, it's possible that WBAI can significantly reduce the number of fundraising days needed, maybe even eliminate an entire fundraiser. That's a good thing, right?  What's not to like? You wouldn't think anybody could possibly argue with that idea.
Well... think again. Chris Albertson will tell ya, along with his own buddy TPM,  what's wrong with BAI's buddy program.  As fund drives roll around we're always treated to Albertson's souped-up harangues against BAI, now fortified with TPM, which go on steroids as he lashes out at one of his favorite targets: pitching and premiums -- the very things that enable BAI to stay alive.

As an aside, I found it interesting that he recently praised one of his pets:
"Joyce Jones has the right idea when it comes to premiums, she offers
original material that she has commissioned and produced specifically
for WBAI's fund-raising efforts."

Nothing against Ms. Jones, but contrast this with his hypocritical remarks about one of his peeves:
In one of his most dishonest campaigns to date, Albertson attempted  to implicate Robert Knight in engaging in a type of fundraising he deplores - the use of outside premiums than can be purchased for less cheaper elsewhere - whereas Robert, who has created many high quality home-grown premiums, has been setting a shining example to producers like Ms. Jones, something that has never been acknowledged by Albertson.

Now Chris Albertson has something new to go after: WBAI's Buddy Program. He has taken to using a device on his blog that he calls TPM, which functions as a sort of stand-in for his own ideas and opinions. He'll often highlight comments from TPM that appear to have appeared on his blog at pertinent intervals, which mysteriously and magically mirror Albertson's own views. Exactly. Albertson couldn't have said it better (or worse, that is). He will then often  take those comments and rather than leaving them to languish "at the bottom of the page" , as he says, will elevate them into centerpieces, often turning them into colorful eye-catching images.

Who is TPM Really?
Is TPM a fictional character? A real person? A composite? Who knows? Does Albertson even know? TPM of course, stands for The Pacifca Maven, although there's nothing of the maven about TPM, who hates WBAI as much as Albertson does.

TPM is the way Albertson now goes about telling us not to support WBAI. And it comes as no surprise that WBAI's recent effort to raise funds via the Buddy Program is their latest target. Both Albertson and TPM have been disparaging the program and making fun of it. Sadly there are otherwise intelligent people connected to WBAI who ostensibly care about the station (including R. Paul Martin, the current moderator of the Ble Board), who fall for their propaganda. When will they wake up to the fact that this is destructive hate speech that is not in any way helping WBAI, and could be hurting it?

I give credit to LSB Candidate Frank LeFever, who often does understand that, although he bends over backwards to be fair too often, in my opinion. In return, Albertson often disrespects Frank and denigrates his tireless efforts to help WBAI. Albertson has the cynicism to question Frank's motives, often labeling them as self-interestexhibitionism and all the usual stuff we hear too often from Albertson. Although I don't always agree 100% with Frank, I applaud his efforts to help WBAI, which are often done at great expense to himself and his own health.
Check out Frank's Facebook pages:

I urge everyone to vote for Frank LeFever and the other indpendent candidates in the upcoming Local Station Board elections.

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