Sunday, October 28, 2012

WBAI Faces Hurricane Sandy

Yay WBAI! Yay Chris Hatzis!

If we lose power and can't turn on the TV or get the Internet we'll still be able to listen to WBAI on our battery powered radios. YAY!

Well many things have happened since the above was posted. WBAI's building at 120 Wall Street was so badly flooded that WBAI was forced to evacuate and go off the air for a period of time. Gary Null then generously offered the use of his uptown studio to WBAI and they have been broadcasting from there since then. Consequently, Gary's own Progressive Radio Network has not been able to air, but there are many great shows on the archives that can be heard at:

The Pacfica Archives Fundraiser corresponded with the coming of Hurricane Sandy, and WBAI has been continuing to air some wonderful material from the Pacifica Archives, interspersed with live broadcasts. It's been a rare treat.  

Post Postscript - November 9 Update
WBAI is continuing to broadcast from Gary Null's studios while work is being done to repair  damage done by Superstorm Sandy at 120 Wall Street. Best estimate is that WBAI will be able to return to their studios sometime next week. In the meantime, they have built a jury rigged studio on the second floor of Gary's building, so that both WBAI and Progressive Radio Network can now broadcast at the same time.

The WBAI stream is up:

and the WBAI archive is back:

Good work!

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  1. nice blog - uncensored by that POS R. Paul Martin - good!! May WBAI thrive!!